Applications for binders open back up on April 1st, 2024!


This page will be updated as more questions are asked! If you have suggestions for more frequently asked questions, let us know! 


Is this program available only in canada?

No, Canada and the USA! We previously shipped to more than 2 countries, but it's currently outside our budget, and they are often lost. In the future we want to open back up to more countries!


If my binder doesn't fit me, can I get a new one?

Yes, you can. You are responsible for giving us your correct measurements, but if your binder doesn't fit, we can work with you to have it exchanged. We have provided instructions on how to measure yourself correctly directly in the waitlist form. We also understand that there are many young people on the waitlist, and that your measurements may change, so if you have a concern that your binder will not fit later on, don't worry, you can ask for a new one at any time. 


If my binder doesn't fit me, and I'm an international applicant from the past, can I get a new one?

If you are an applicant outside Canada/USA, and you've used Morebinders before, and are looking for a size up, we will accommodate you as long as we are able to pull up your old information - email you used, name, address, etc. 


Can I donate a gently used binder?

We would love to take your gently used binders, especially if it's a binder you got from us! be sure they are in good condition, washed and laundered before you send them. Use our contact page to get started on the process!


Are there customs charges?

Most likely, no. All binders are sent as "gifts" since no applicant pays for their binders, and the value listed is under the limit for customs fees.


Why do you ask for two names?

When you sign up to receive a binder, we ask you for your preferred name - one that you would like us to use when we speak to you. Then, when we send you the address form, we ask for the name you want to use for the packaging of your binder. It's important to know both, because we want to speak with you and about you with the name you prefer, but we also need to know that when we send your package, that the name on the package will not out you to family or the people that live with you. It is a safety concern. But if you are out to your family or the people you live with, and having your preferred name on the packaging is neither a safety concern or a reason for your package to be returned, please put your preferred name (including a last name, on the address form) twice. 


What does the packaging look like? 

Your binder will come in an opaque poly mailer, and will be described only as "clothing" or "t-shirt". The return address name is a 4 letter acronym - which stands for the admin's initials + morebinders. It will also list a return address for your convenience if you ever want to send your binder back - if the address is smudged and you need it, please visit the contact us page for the return address. There will be nothing in the package except for your binder - no care information will be provided in case the package is opened by someone other than you. 

Although these are already discreet shipping methods, if you know for certain that the people you live with will open your packages without your consent or knowledge, we can take extra measures to ensure your binder is more hidden. Please email us or include it in your notes in your application about taking extra care if this is a concern for you. 


How do I care for my binder?

Since care instructions are not provided in your packaging, you can view care instructions in the Care page on the left-hand menu.