Applications for binders open back up on April 1st, 2024!

Donation Info

If you're interested in donating money to Morebinders, you've come to the right place! 

Were you looking to donate a binder instead? Please go to our Contact page to let us know you have some binders to donate, and we will email you back!

Monthly Donations

The whole reason we can operate so smoothly is solely because we have such an amazing community of monthly supporters on our Patreon! You can choose how much you want to give to Morebinders per month, we have tiers starting from just $1! Tiers that are in the $10 range and up get special perks like anniversary merch, pins, art prints, zines, and thank you notes from our applicants! We also share updates about events we're hosting or participating in, fundraising events, workshops, balance sheets, good news and not-so-good news! Transparency is important to us, so most posts are public (like our balance sheets), but everything is there for our community to read about and have input in!

One Time Donations

Situations change, and not everyone is able to donate monthly, we certainly get it! We have an alternative for this reason. Our Ko-fi page is for one time donations. The concept is as if you are tipping us the cost of a coffee, so the donation minimum is $3, but you can choose to increase this amount to however much you'd like. You're able to leave your name and a message for everyone to see, or donate with an anonymous name.

Any amount you choose to donate, no matter how small is so appreciated. Morebinders has been around for all these years specifically because hundreds of people each year decide to donate a small amount, and trust me, it adds up!

Last year between Patreon, Ko-fi, merchandise sales, and in-person donations, we raised just over $2,800 and were able to give away 194 binders. Together, we made a huge difference in 194 people's lives. This year, let's double that number! :)